Your favorite burrito stand serving up 1,500 freshly rolled Lotto Burritos that will serve as entry into a 10 week fiesta, filled with degen fun and prizes.



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SEASON 1 (Weeks 1-10)
- MagicEden Listing directly after mint
- Week 1's pot: 150 SOL: 50 SOL raffled + 100 SOL to 100 delisted holders 100% of secondary royalties go to pot + delisted holders
- Community vote on how to split each week's drawing. ex: 1 winner of 50 SOL vs 10 winners of 5 SOL. Each drawing will be done live in discord
- Over 275+ SOL will be distributed to the lottery pot and delisted holders over the course of 10 weeks (Season 1)
- Additional Information
- 1/1s will have 5x entries
- We will pick a rare trait every week and airdrop SOL to those holders        ------------------------
Season 2 -Gen2 LottoBurritos -TBA
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Burrito Stand Manager


Frequently Asked Questions:

Wen mint?

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

How much?

.33 SOL for OGs & .5 for public

How many?

1,500 Freshly rolled burrito boiz.

Limit on mint?

1 per mint, but otherwise you're free to mint until your degen heart is content.

Is rarity?

Of course there is rarity! We know you love cool attributes so we've rolled plenty in. Rarity listing announced after mint.

Wen secondary?

Immediately following mint. We plan to list on Magic Eden. Beware of listings on other sites.

Secondary royalties?

There will be a 10% royalty on secondary transactions, but you're gonna love this.. 100% of royalties are going into the pot for the week 10 drawing!

Wen lotto?

Every Saturday for 10 weeks following mint.

What happens if I win?

Burrito Stand Manager who will confirm your win, deposit your winnings straight to your wallet, and then have a fiesta!



STEP 1: Ensure you have Google Chrome installed on your PC. (Other browswers will                    work as well.)

STEP 2: Go to

STEP 3: Click on "Add to Chrome" & follow the on screen instructions. 


STEP 4: Click on the puzzle piece in the top right corner of the Chrome window & then                  click on the Phantom extension.


STEP 5:  Click on "Create New Wallet"


STEP 6: COPY the "Secret Recovery Phrase" and save it somewhere safe. (Save it to                      your computer, phone, or write it down.) This will be the only way to recover                      your wallet if something happens to your computer. ** Once saved, Click on                      "OK, I saved it somewhere."

STEP 7: Create your password, check the "I Agree" box, then click on continue. Your                    Phantom wallet has been created! This is where your NFTs will live and what 

              will be used to mint NFTs. 


FINISHED: You now have a wallet that will be used for minting NFTs! :) 



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